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Students, remember the three “Be” Rules:  BE Respectful; BE Responsible; and BE Safe!! These rules should be practiced daily to help promote a positive learning environment at our school.


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 *Remember: DO NOT OPEN exit doors for ANYONE!  Visitors must buzz the office. Thank you for listening to MS Morning News. Have a dazzling day!!  Now please stand and face the flag as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

*Keep turning in Box Tops and Labels for Education to the office AND continue walking on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the hallway.

*Reminder for students getting breakfast:  Once you get enter the building, go directly to the cafeteria to get breakfast before going to your 1st period class. 

*All students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch for the entire school year. You will only need money for any extra items that you would like to purchase (extra pizza, chips, ice cream etc.).

*Teachers  All monies for Jean Day on Fridays need to be submitted as you enter the office that morning.  Money needs to be collected and counted by 9:00.


Game Schedules for the 2018-2019 season:

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Volleyball 2018

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