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December District Newsletter


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*The Swim Team (which also includes Conner Fulcher, Carrington Detrick, Riley Fulcher, Kailynn Hamilton, Sylvia Hemmer, Julianna Swanson, McKenna Vogel) will host Goochland, Appomattox, and Nandua at Hampden Sydney College on Friday, Dec. 7th at 6:00. Please come out and support your classmates.

*Our Annual CHARITY HOOPS games will be held on Wed, Dec. 19th.  Please bring at least 1 can food item or nonperishable good to your 1st period teacher for your admission to the festivities. Teachers, hold on to donations until more information is given.


Attention all PECMS students!!!  Time to gear up for our Benchmarks coming December 10th to December 14th! We want you to work hard because we will be having a fun-filled Benchmark Carnival on Friday, January 4th to reward those who did well on their Math and English Benchmarks!  If you receive a passing score of 70% or better on BOTH English and Math benchmark tests OR if you gain 10 points on BOTH English and Math benchmark tests you will get a ticket to come to the carnival! The carnival will have music, games, and more fun! Students, work hard so we can play hard!! Good luck!!

*Please make sure to get to your Power Up Class on time. Per Administration, you will be marked tardy if you arrive after the 2:24 Tardy bell. After four tardies, you will receive a referral.

*Please plan to stay for the 21st Century Afterschool Program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays if you signed up for tutoring. This program is here to help YOU!!!


Sports’ Zone AND Club Report…

*The Ladies for Life and Young Gentlemen for Life Groups will meet every Wednesday unless an announcement is made for cancellation.  Members, remember to let Mrs. King know if you can not stay for the meeting.

 *Remember: DO NOT OPEN exit doors for ANYONE!  Visitors must buzz the office. Thank you for listening to MS Morning News. Have a dazzling day!!  Now please stand and face the flag as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

*Keep turning in Box Tops and Labels for Education to the office AND continue walking on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the hallway.

*Reminder for students getting breakfast:  Once you get enter the building, go directly to the cafeteria to get breakfast before going to your 1st period class. 

*All students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch for the entire school year. You will only need money for any extra items that you would like to purchase (extra pizza, chips, ice cream etc.).

*Teachers  All monies for Jean Day on Fridays need to be submitted as you enter the office that morning.  Money needs to be collected and counted by 9:00.


Starting Wednesday, November 7th Sports Activity Busses will leave PECMS at 5:35 and PECHS at 5:40.

Game Schedules for the 2018-2019 season: Basketball 2018-2019
Soccer 2018

Volleyball 2018

Football 2018

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