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February Division Newsletter

science fair 2020 There will be NO Ecology Club meeting on Thursday, February 13th.

 Faculty and Staff, In celebration of Black History Month there will be a Soul Food Luncheon for all staff on Thursday, February 27th.  In the office on the front counter there is a sign up sheet. Please put your name and what food item you will bring.

 Remember to turn in the answers to the Black History Trivia question in the office before going to classes in the morning.  Answers are due by Friday with a prize being awarded by the administration team.

 For This week's Trivia Question….  Who was the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in the United States and in what discipline?


The Semi-Formal will be held on April 25,2020 at the Prince Edward County Middle School cafeteria from  6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. The cost of the dance will be $25.00 per person. All monies need be given to Mrs. King by April 24, 2020 no later than 3:30 p.m. Our theme is "The Roaring Twenties in 2020." The letter for the dance will be given out on March 2, 2020 and any student receiving a referral after receiving their letter will not be able to attend the dance. 


Families!!  Our librarian is looking for volunteers.  Reach out to if you are interested and she will walk you through the volunteer process.Prince Edward Middle School offers after-school tutoring and homework help in English, math, and science. Sessions run from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Snacks are provided and bus transportation is available. Permissions slips for participation in the tutoring sessions were sent home with students this week.  Additional copies of the permission slip are available in the main office and the school library. 


2019-2020 School Supply List


MS Softball tryouts will begin Tuesday February 18th.

MS girls basketball jersey’s need to be returned to Coach Wahrman as soon as possible.

MS Baseball tryouts will begin Tuesday, February 24th. Please add your name to the list on the cafeteria stage if you are interested in trying out. You must have a physical on file to stay after for tryouts.

Sports Activity Busses will run at 5:30 for the remainder of the school year. Game Schedules for the 2019-2020 season: girls volleyball

Middle School Soccer Schedule Middle School Volleyball Schedule Middle School Football Schedule Middle School Basketball Schedule Middle School Baseball/Softball Schedule Middle School Track

Physical Form

Always be reminded:

Students we ask that you walk on the right side of the hallway when changing classes and uphold our PBIS values of being responsible, being safe, and being respectful in all settings.  

We want you to be committed to excellence (everyday), genuinely caring about others, and be trustworthy…. Following through on your commitments. Remember the three “Be” Rules:  BE Respectful; BE Responsible; and BE Safe!! These rules should be practiced daily to help promote a positive learning environment at our school.

You only have three minutes during class exchange; be sure to get to class on time.  Your education matters and we want you in class on time, ready to learn and being an active participant.

Teachers as you begin instruction, be sure to continuously review your expectations in the classroom.  Informing students of specific routines associated with coming into the classroom, raising their hands to be called upon, throwing trash away, passing up papers, etc.  Being clear about your expectations, continuously teaching them, is kind.

As a reminder, students are not allowed in the hallway during the first 10 minutes of class, nor the last 10 minutes.  A signed agenda, noting your designated area, is required for all students in the hallway. When traveling to your designated area, you should not go anywhere else but that detailed on your agenda.  

Teachers, if you have any announcements that need to be made, please submit your request in the Google Folder that was shared with you on Monday.  If you have any questions on how to do this, please see Mrs. Townsend.

Students, when bus waves are called, move towards your bus quickly; however, you should not run.  Students running will be noted by administration and other adults on the landing. If you are not sure of your bus, be sure to ask your teachers throughout the day.  Also, know what bus wave you ride. Do not wait until the last minute.

Students, we are glad that you are here.  Make today count. Be positive, self-reflect on how you can be your best today, commit to it.  Help others achieve positive goals. Keep your education the main thing.

Don’t forget—Get your breakfast before going to 1st period.  Keep turning in Box Tops to the office AND continue walking on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the hallway.

Students: Please do NOT mess with Bulletin Boards around the building! This is part of our 3 “B” Rules—“BE”ing Respectful. Remember: DO NOT OPEN exit doors for ANYONE!  Visitors must buzz the office.