MS Announcements 

Students, applications for the morning news program are located at the entrance to Mrs. King’s room (130) beginning MOnday, August 13.  Any students interested in joining the morning news team will need to fill out an application and return it to the office.

Students we ask that you walk on the right side of the hallway when changing classes and uphold our PBIS values of being responsible, being safe, and being respectful in all settings.  

We want you to be committed to excellence (everyday), genuinely caring about others, and be trustworthy…. Following through on your commitments.

You only have three minutes during class exchange; be sure to get to class on time.  Your education matters and we want you in class on time, ready to learn and being an active participant.

Teachers as you begin instruction, be sure to continuously review your expectations in the classroom.  Informing students of specific routines associated with coming into the classroom, raising their hands to be called upon, throwing trash away, passing up papers, etc.  Being clear about your expectations, continuously teaching them, is kind.

As a reminder, students are not allowed in the hallway during the first 10 minutes of class, nor the last 10 minutes.  A signed agenda, noting your designated area, is required for all students in the hallway. When traveling to your designated area, you should not go anywhere else but that detailed on your agenda.  

Teachers, if you have any announcements that need to be made, please submit your request in the Google Folder that was shared with you on Monday.  If you have any questions on how to do this, please see Mrs. Townsend.

Students, when bus waves are called, move towards your bus quickly; however, you should not run.  Students running will be noted by administration and other adults on the landing. If you are not sure of your bus, be sure to ask your teachers throughout the day.  Also, know what bus wave you ride. Do not wait until the last minute.

Students, we are glad that you are here.  Make today count. Be positive, self-reflect on how you can be your best today, commit to it.  Help others achieve positive goals. Keep your education the main thing.

Have a great day students, teachers, and faculty!


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